In my event photography this is more fly on the wall / documentary style to tell the story of the event than forcing guests to smile. I don’t mind getting the VIPs and host with guests in posed photos a bit here and there but please primarily hire me because I can tell the story of the event to the public the right way.

I am based in Northeastern PA and travel to NYC often. Other areas in between I can work in those areas as well. Cost of gas will be added on as expense for round trip (based on miles to and from home base and event location and cost of gas in the area on the day of the event).

  • Commercial Event Coverage: Conventions, press events, corporate parties/events. Base Non-exclusive Rates| Northeast Pennsylvania Rates: $200/hour, 2 hour minimum; NYC Rates: $300/hour, 2 hour minimum. Exclusivity / Work-for-Hire rates available to negotiate varying on the event.
  • Private Events / Special Moments: Proposals, Engagement Parties, Birthdays, Baby Shower, etc. *I have colleagues I can recommend for weddings and children/babies. Northeast Pennsylvania Rates: $150/hour, 2 hour minimum; NYC Rates: $275/hr, 2 hour minimum. 30 day web gallery access to download low resolution digital photos and purchase prints from. These services are only available on Friday, Saturdays and Sundays (except engagements). Proposal Rate: $400 in the northeastern PA area.
  • Press Coverage: I can work for a press company as freelance. I am not associated with any press organizations or representation. I will need at least 24 hour notice unless you’re in the Hazleton, PA area.  This would be a work-for-hire and at premium rates unless negotiated beforehand. Rates variable on type of event, travel. etc.

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Messaging here or emailing me directly is the best way to get in touch and start discussing your vision!