Today I would like to announce I am offering Live Streaming services.

These services can be for about anything where my gear is capable in achieving. What I and my gear can achieve about any event coverage for 1-person team readily available and other operators/assistants could be available as an add-on. Private or public events. Conferences or private home celebrations. Now with live streaming services it does have limitations to where cellular data is readily and strongly available. As well with the cellular data can be limited within areas with heavy congestion on the local cell towers.

More sample footage is coming soon. Hopefully the current pandemic continues recover and I can attend some New York City conventions in the next few months and can provide a sample from them. The below sample footage is from Hazleton’s 2021 Fireworks show live broadcasted to Facebook live. The meter on the bottom right of the footage would not be on your video. The meter was only informing me the data speeds during the event which was on 2 modems. Events with large crowds can make cellular data very unpredictable but with 3 modems bonded right now I should have minimal issue in most cases, and a 4th modem is planned to be added to the broadcasting equipment too.