Please see terms & conditions for video production.

Chris Adval Enterprises
CA: Headshots and Chris Adval Productions
Terms of Service

1. By engaging Chris Adval Enterprises (The Company) for any photography and/or, cinematography and/or design services, you as the client (The Client) accept these Terms of Service. These Terms of Service are subject to change without notice.

2. These Terms of Service are to be read in conjunction with any Model Release,
Photography Agreement, or Commercial Agreement that has been entered into
between The Client and The Company.

3. An ‘Assignment’ is defined as any photography and/or, cinematography and/or
design service that The Client has engaged The Company to perform.

4. If you are under the age of eighteen (18) years, you must be accompanied by a
parent/legal guardian during all consultations and during the assignment.

5. A 50% non-refundable deposit is required to reserve your requested assignment
date and also before pre-production work (if any) can start. In instances if you need to reschedule due to other circumstances I can postpone the session into the future up to 90 days from the original date.

6. Prices displayed on our website or our printed material is subject to change
without notice. Coupons, discounts, specials and sales may or may not have an
expiration date mentioned on them. We will honor any advertised special in the last 60 days that does not mention an expiration date or does not mention ‘Limited Time’ but does have a printed date.

7. Payment:
a) Payment may be made by cash, debit (with VISA or MASTERCARD logo
on it) or major credit card. Checks currently are not accepted.

b) The balance of your payment is required on the assignment date,
otherwise your assignment will not entirely delivered until balance is paid in full.
Editing and other post production will not begin until the balance is paid in full. [non-commecial]

c) For commercial assignments, please keep in mind the due date mentioned
on your invoice. Due date is 30 calendar days from completed production. Grace
period of 5 business days will be given for repeat clients, otherwise after the grace
period has passed a 20% late fee will be applied and created on an additional

8. Cash refunds are not provided, however if you are not completely satisfied with
your images, we will re-shoot your assignment at no extra charge. No refunds or
exchanges/credit on travel or any other expenses already incurred such as prints
and products delivered.

9. Makeup and/or Hair Stylist services are not included in our standard packages,
unless advertised. Makeup and/or Hair Stylist services can be provided at an
additional cost.

10. Inclement Weather:
a) If weather conditions such as rain, snow, extreme winds, extreme cold or
extreme heat are likely to cause damage to our electrical equipment, or adversely
affect the health and wellbeing our staff, we reserve the right to halt, postpone or
reschedule the assignment.

b) Rescheduled local assignments won’t incur any further costs/expenses
other than those already agreed to in the original booking. Local is Hazleton, PA and 15 mile radius around it.

c) Expenses associated with rescheduled on-location assignments will be
negotiated between The Client and The Company, prior to the rescheduled
assignment date.

11. Expenses:
a) Travel: All travel to on-location assignments as specified in the contract,
will be charged at $0.50 per mile for all miles travelled (round trip). On-location
assignments within a radius of 15 miles of Hazleton, PA 18201 will not incur any
travel expenses.

b) Provision of Meals: For on-location assignments lasting more than three
(3) hours, The Client agrees to provide a light meal for all staff, including assistants, makeup artists, hair stylists, etc.

c) Lodging: For assignments located more than three (4) hours driving
distance from Hazleton, PA 18201, The Client agrees to provide comfortable and
secure lodgings or the cost of lodgings for all staff, including assistants, makeup
artists, hair stylists, etc.

11. On-Location Setup Time: Depending on the size and nature of the on-location
assignment, added resources including equipment and labor may be required. These resources and the time taken to set up for the assignment will be charged to The Client. An estimate of these additional charges will be included in our quote.

13. Non-Commercial Assignments Usage Rights:
a) You will receive personal usage rights for your images, but NO print rights
(unless mentioned on packages). Personal usage rights allow you to use your
images online for personal self-promotion, social media and email sharing.

b) Web Usage: All web optimized images will be supplied with The
Company’s watermark/logo and it is an infringement of our copyright for you to alter or remove our watermark/logo. You must not edit, manipulate, crop, or alter the image in any way. You may crop with approval for areas required to crop.

c) Prints can be ordered through The Company and will be printed at a
professional printing lab on high quality photo paper. All prints are supplied without The Company’s watermark/logo and are only for personal use (company logo may be on the back of the prints).

d) Commercial usage must comply with their individual contract/bid.
14) Image Editing and Detailed Post Production: All images (proofs) will receive
basic editing for color correction, contrast, exposure, tonal balance and cropping. For Non-Commercial services you would get full detailed editing for number of promised images mentioned on invoice. Further detailed post production and image manipulation is available which can vary in prices from $80/hr to $200/hr or part thereof.

15. Image Delivery Time:
a) After each assignment, we will endeavor to edit your images and have
them ready for you in a timely manner. Depending on seasonality and workload, we aim to edit portrait sessions in (7) to (10) days depending the number of final images to be delivered, while events may take (1) to (2) weeks.

b) Prints and albums will take longer to prepare and deliver, depending on the
number of spreads, style and design of your album.

16. Model Release:
a) Chris Adval Enterprises retains all rights to the images and reserves the
right to display any images taken from your assignment on our website and other
social media, for the purposes of but not limited to self-promotion and advertising.

b) If you do not wish your images to be used by Chris Adval Enterprises,
please advise us any time before, during or right after your assignment.

c) Chris Adval Enterprises will not sell your images without your written

17. By doing business with us, The Client, agree to these Terms of Service for
engaging Chris Adval Enterprises.

18. Commercial Photoshoots – Day Rates
a) Day Rate includes the photographers technical and creative skills for the
day only, unless otherwise mentioned or discussed.

b) A full day rate is 8 hours of production time. This includes setup,
breakdown, and makeup/hair/other creative setup.

c) A half day rate is 4 hours of production time. This includes setup,
breakdown, and makeup/hair/other creative setup.