If you are the pyrotechnics or the city hosting the fireworks display for July 4th celebrations, and interested in live broadcasting your fireworks display live to your audience on YouTube, Facebook, Twitch, or even Twitter, I can help you with this! I can travel as well anywhere with expenses covered. No travel expense for those located around Hazleton, PA (up to 30 mile radius).



But why get this service…?

• Those who cannot make it to your celebrations in person still want to see it live. The best solution is a live broadcast in which I can provide.

• Compared to a big production team, I am far more affordable to provide you a live broadcast and not just to a traditional form of media but to your social media with much further reach to online local audiences and beyond. Hiring a production team could cost you up to $20,000 while I can do it for a fraction of that cost. Heck, multiple platforms at all once too! Some platforms I am unable to stream to but I can do Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and Twitch without issues.

• This is possible to be done on a phone but I am providing a high definition experience to the viewers. (1080p 30-60fps resolution) Also if try to do this yourself on a phone, you will likely have connectivity issues at these events as I will have a bonded connection with at least 3 sims all combined for a strong stable connection.

• Multiple camera operators are possible with sufficient time to prepare for.

• Live streaming your event will get more notifications on social media today to your existing audiences or anyone searching keywords of that live stream. Such as “Wilkes-barre, fireworks” would appear into google or the social media platform if searched by enduser. This is essentially content marketing with much higher potential in engagement than other content marketing posted in today’s social media algorithms.

• You can re-use the footage* for advertising your business for those who are pyrotechnics. And if hired by a city, city can re-use footage as well for their advertising/promoting needs. *With necessary licensing agreements.

• You can also use the live stream and place advertisements for your own business or other businesses on the live stream’s overlay. Sell ad space to appear every specific seconds or minutes. This would be more ideally if you don’t intend to use the footage afterwards. But I can record from the same camera while live streaming with the overlay (when recorded to the camera on separate memory card the overlay will not be on there). This would be an add-on service.


Disclaimer on live streaming services. Live streaming in very crowded areas can be risky due to data limits and restrictions I could have because of the high traffic area (normal for around events). This can cause the image quality to diminish potentially. The only way I can prevent the issue is have a lot more sim cards with cell data than normal (usually carry 3 active sims from all 3 carriers in the USA). I do have an option to add-on to your live streaming services for extra security and stability in image quality, essentially a peace of mind. If you’re unable to be on this add-on I can simply change locations at the venue to find better coverage. But I will try hard to scout the best spot for sight, while as well keeping a steady internet connection too before the show begins.