Sometimes a project is planned ahead of time, but this time it was not. Summer 2015 was became a big deal to my skills in natural light portraits. While this project wasn’t intentional but it became a project while I was working to build NEPA’s state of available models with NEPA Modeling Search. I realized doing shoots on these I was working on skills I wasn’t super polished in, but not after doing this unintentional project since July 2015 I noticed my growth in my skills in shooting natural light portraits and editing natural light portraits. Rather it was lifestyle natural light portraits, or fashion natural light photos. I did many different types of portraits, and loved it all, especially fashion cause that is the primary direction I want to head into.


_MG_0701 _MG_0723 _MG_1563 _MG_1870 _MG_0946

Check out the full gallery of my shots from this project Natural Light Adventures. While as of right now this is an on-going project but will be primarily for warmer months for obvious reasons (even though I still can shoot natural light portraits in snowy winters like I did here).