This is the part 2 of the original blog post posted here.

In this part I’d explain important aspects you should know about a your headshot session, at least with me where I do offer different types of styles in headshots.

These are basically known as styles, each style does differ in costs as one has more and another has less labor. A style can be from lighting and/or background mostly, at least for headshots. Here are some sample styles I have available and can deliver to you if you’d like.


Low Key Headshots

Low Key can be done at the studio or at a location with the right amount of space and lighting with technical know-how to achieve this style. This style is more to be more dramatic feeling to the image itself.

_MG_1507 IMG_3473

Studio High Key Headshots

Studio has a straight forward style with a straight forward background without any patterns or colors, just you as the focus.


Studio Mid Key Headshots



Outdoors Headshots (known as to some Cinematic Headshot)

The outdoors headshots can be done just about anywhere outdoors. As you see in the sample below the background is very well blurred out emphasizing your face and shoulders.

On-Location Headshots

Generally more for models but it can be for you if you’d like it. The on-location headshot may sound similar to the above style outdoors but these headshots show much more detail in the background to tell a story better about you or the role you’re trying to play as a model or actor on the photograph.

_MG_8109 _MG_8787-2