There are many different types of headshots. Such as actor’s headshot, modeling headshot, corporate headshot and many others but those are the 3 I provide with specialized skills and knowledge to make them at great quality too!


Actor’s Headshot

What is a headshot made for actors?

It could mean anything depending on what you as the actor wants. Most casting directors want to see the real your in the most genuine way possible without intense makeup or hair styling, including editing to the image. So basically very neutral with a very bright and genuine smile looking at the camera. It is still recommended to sometimes venture into character based portraits or headshots as an actor, so its kinda of like acting in an image playing another role other than yourself, kind of like modeling.

Here’s a couple of samples of an actor’s headshot I have taken. This one is more genuine than character based.



 Corporate Headshot

What’s a corporate headshot?

Generally speaking a corporate headshot is where you as the subject in the photograph wearing a specific type of wardrobe, which is business wardrobe. Such as a suit jacket, button down shirt with tie for men with darker neutral colors and for women a suit jacket as well button down shirt. This can be done in a studio or at a location with a studio/background setup or environmental background using your location such as your office.

Here’s a sample a studio corporate headshot.


Modeling Headshot

What is a modeling headshot?

As the subject/model in the photograph you’re either playing a role or being yourself, depending on your goals of the headshot session. Sometimes as the model you can be modeling a product such as an earring, ring, or makeup. If its modeling a product on or near your face that is more known as a beauty shot. The below headshot can work hand in hand with an actor’s headshot for a model as well, just in modeling there is more wiggle room to “play around” than more rules in actor’s headshots as you have to appeal to casting directors/directors, etc.

Here’s a couple of samples modeling headshot (not featuring a product)



Part 2 on this blog post will be more about the technical but important aspects for you to know and understand the differences in such as lighting and background.