I’ve posted in the past on my blogger about it many times but I’ll be brief here and if you’d like more in-depth I’ll post the links to the blog posts on my blogger.

Some Tips to increase your chances on starting a full time or part time career in high fashion modeling, from a fashion photographer’s perspective. Note these are generalized tips of what the industry looks for, rare instances they do not follow the below industry standards.

  1. Ages 16 to 19 have the best shot to interest a serious modeling agency.
  2. Height about 5’8 to 6’1 for females, and for males 5’10 to 6’2 (rough numbers but these are generally what is mostly wanted by serious agencies).
  3. Great attitude and easy to work with. Meaning not being a diva and thinking you are the boss of everyone.
  4. When you go to a open casting at serious modeling agencies be ready to WOW them! Some may require a book some don’t but I’d highly recommend you bring your game and be able to compete with millions of others so honestly bring a book of your very best images you’ve already shot that are one of the following type of images, fashion, lifestyle, and catalog. So if you don’t have any book yet I highly recommend looking for local fashion photographers, such as myself I reside in the northeastern PA region area. And be careful on hiring, yes I said hiring, because if you simply do not pay a professional fashion photographer it is likely you may not get the right and best images into your book for the agency to actually take you on. If you hire the right photographer you can easily fast track your progress into the right agency.

Some people may not realize when a fashion agency has models they’re normally are booked out to other similar shoots like lifestyle, and catalog shoots, not just high fashion commercial shoots at the start of the model’s career at least.


Here’s an index of posts of other tips to models.