I am always working on a personal project to continue developing my skills and style in my photography. As you may have noticed, I love including the environment into my artistic imagery. All of them are based in public areas. But now I want to venture into more interesting environments but this can cost a lot of money which I currently do not have available. I’d like to ask you, fans of my work, to be take part in my creating such art. The following are needed on volunteer (or barter when its mutually beneficial) basis, everyone receives a public credit for a great job. Internships available year round as well to college students needing to fulfill internship credits.

There are limitless things we can do as a team of individuals! The more trusted individuals take part in working with me and my projects the more we can do as a team.

Ways to take part!

Access to Private Property

A big part is providing access to your own private properties or if you know of a friend or such to provide access that would be amazing!

Now to do this “properly” we’d need proof it is either managed by the person we’re in contact with or owned. I know this will make it more difficult for some but its legality to ensure we have full access to the property and to ensure we have no issues with the images we create to be used for advertising myself and possibly use for stock.

Giving a helping hand!

A simple helping extra hand on set is a huge difference in what I can do and cannot do as in lighting. And lighting in my work is a huge importance element. All you need is hands, feet, and some muscle to handle holding such equipment like holding a light for 10-20 minutes straight (take break) then again, and again and such while on the 2-3 hour shoot. So it is a work out. Equipment you’d generally hold up can be as little as a few ounces to 50lbs. Another needed aspect is communication and great listening skills.

Other aspects can be (with trusted individuals) is recording video (and photos) for behind the scenes and small educational material (like a youtube clip). If you already have the video equipment I am open to talking about working together.

Collaboration with Creatives

I love working with other very talented and skilled creatives on projects. From models, make up artists, hair stylists, wardrobe stylists, clothing designers, and many other types. If you’d like to participate with my projects let me know I may have an opening on a project with your skills needed.