I also recommend brand new inspiring models to contact me for an ice breaker. This is kind of a consultation with simple photography. This will prepare us mentally better for a legitimate photo shoot. This is available for $150+tax, with 2 edits. This is only available when you come to my home base city which is currently Hazleton, PA. Additional edits are $80 but this shoot is more so to “break the ice” for we can arrange a more setup shoot.


The Low Down!

I have photoshoots on-location around North East PA (NEPA) locations. Other locations outside of NEPA it is $0.50/mile round trip from Hazleton, PA. Our studio is the world’s environment. But if you’re looking for a backdrop studio stylized photoshoot we can accommodate this request with notice. We can setup a studio in most areas, either outside or indoors, and depending on the photoshoot we can potentially rent a studio.

I provide customized portfolio photoshoots and model experiences. The customized stylized photoshoots’ cost is largely varied on your custom needs for your portfolio and modeling career goals or to the experience you’re looking to have.


Differences of Simplified and Stylized

Simplified: This is straight to the point, go to a usual general locations I use between Scranton, Wilkes-barre, or Hazleton for location shoots or a studio shoot having a few colored background options. This includes a broad pinterest board with a guideline to wardrobe.

Stylized: This will be completely catered to customized needs using my expertise in photography and art direction. We’d have a very detailed concept meeting and create a moodboard together. The moodboard would consist of everything from specific locations or studio backdrop colors, lighting, very specific wardrobe, facial expressions, poses, angle/composition, and makeup/hair styles. A personalized styling session either with your closet or/and shopping trip with our wardrobe stylist. And last but not least, behind the scenes photos/videos. This sounds a lot, and it is. It does cost more than the simplified shoots, and the costs can widely vary on the concepts and your customized needs. If you’d like to get an idea on the costs on this please simply contact me to arrange an in-person consultation for we can sit down and jot down what are your needs.

Common Questions

Q: Can you price match with other photographers?

A: No.

Q: Do you have a studio?

A: Currently we no longer have a studio available. But as you’ve seen my work, it is primarily outdoors or at indoor environments for environmental portraiture.

Q: Can I do my own hair and makeup?

A: Yes, but we highly recommend not to (with exceptions to actual professional makeup and hair stylists), because it is an entirely different skill to do makeup and hair made to look to perfection for a photoshoot for your portfolio/experience. For model experiences it is part of your life experience to get pampered, so this is essentially an included service into your experience package.

Q: I don’t intend to becoming a model for a career or part time job, can I still do this?

A: Yes, we entirely understand the life experience want to trying out being a model for a day and we are here to cater to that!

Q: I don’t know what to do in posing myself for the shoot!?!??

A: It is okay… calm down, breathe, drink some water. I’ve been a photographer for 12 years. The vast majority of my subjects were not professional models, heck maybe 5% were! I am very experienced working with regular people whom are not trained models. I’ve photographed over 300 people in the past 12 years. Look at my work, and ask yourself… do you trust me? If the answer is yes, then I know I can make you look the best. Now granted I am not a miracle worker where I cannot change one’s perception of themselves but I try damn hard to make you feel the best, enjoy your shooting experience and images we created together!

Work With Us

Messaging here or emailing me directly is the best way to get in touch and start discussing your vision!